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Project Classic | Tekkit Classic for 1.7.10!


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Hello everyone! This is my first good modpack I've released and the first one I've released in about 2 years!

I spent a whole year testing this pack before release, so if it wasn't good, it wouldn't be here today.

Now lets get to the good stuff!

Project Classic is a modpack with an obvious goal. It aims to rebuild Tekkit Classic with a newer version of Minecraft (1.7.10) while adding a few modern mods to the classic mix.

As the only other Tekkit that was good was Tekkit Lite, and that died fast, Project Classic aims to be that good Tekkit that will not die after 1 month of release.

It has every mod in Tekkit Classic, Powersuits, Applied Energestics 2, Compact Machines, ITLT, and more (note: the version released as of this writing has Tinkers Construct, and no Compact Machines. Tinkers Construct will be removed and Compact Machines will be added in the next update. Once updated, this notice will be gone).

Project Red replaces Redpower, Industrial Craft 2 Classic replaces Industrial Craft 2, Forge Multipart replaces Microblocks, and ProjectE replaces Equivalent Exchange 2. All of these mods are very faithful recreations of the mods they replace from Tekkit Classic. IC2 Classic is a direct port of IC2 1.4.7, before it went downhill with the brokenness of IC2 Experimental.

ProjectE is a fan-rewrite of Equivalent Exchange 2 (since EE3 was EXTREMELY disappointing), with everything from EE2 in it, fully functional, and for modern versions of Minecraft.

Shall I not forget to mention that every mod in this pack (except IC2 Classic, due to the super-restrictive IC2 mods/addons permissions set by the Official IC2 Team) is open source!

When I tested it originally, it never crashed. Now, after adding a boat load of mods, it gets a little rough around the edges. I keep working on ironing out these crash-causing bugs, and any other that ruins the experience.

If you experience a crash, upload a crashlog to my pack's discussion with a small statement of what happened right before it crashed (specific please), and I can try to reproduce the issue and figure out what is going on, and try to fix/report the issue to the problem-causing mod's issue tracker/bug report page.

We also have an official discord for the modpack. 

Just click the link below to go to the modpack main page:


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