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Looking for co-owner


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Hello all, I'm searching for somebody with experience in tekkit lite and bukkit to help me run my server. In the past I have had trouble installing various plugins which resulted in several of my servers being griefed beyond repair. I want to start a new tekkit lite server, but I don't want to go through the trouble of configuring permissions (something I am very bad at) and other stuff. I am willing to pay for the server if you will be willing to work on it for me. The server will be whitelisted but I know a decent amount of people who want to play. If you're interested AND you have experience running servers, shoot me a message and we'll talk. 



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HI there slish,


I have experience with Tekkit Lite and installing and configuring plugins on top of it, I was once an Admin on Generic-Land and I had a Tekkit Lite server once, those were very good times.

I can't play Tekkit Lite right now(actually, I can't play Minecraft without using the official Minecraft launcher) because my pc doesn't have drivers for Windows 10. But since I'm probbably going to get a new pc soon, I'll keep this in mind. Please pm me!

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