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[1.7.10]MagiTek World[Whitelist][Looking for testers/staff]


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Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/magitek-world-redux.880839


Hello, I am currently looking for people to do some testing on the modpack's server before it goes public, if you are interested leave me a message or comment.

You need to be at lease 15 years old, have skype and a microphone to take part. Anyone who does take part will receive a permanent rank on the server once it goes public.

Server IP: (Hosted by BisectHosting)

For those looking to play on the server, I'm hoping to have it all done in a less than a week. The full list of mods can be found on the modpacks technic link.


370 x 220 LOGO.png

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