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[3.1.2]Steel Art Online"SAO"[PvE,PvP][72 slots][Custom Plugins][TS3]


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As inspiration from the series and a whole months worth of work, we are proud to announce

a replica of the SAO gameplay.

We are currently looking for "Beta Testers" to help tweak the gameplay.

Beta Testers will recieve a special kit that'l help them in the release later on.

See FAQ on how to apply.

Here is a few screenshots of what our build team is capable of.

We're always adding new content: http://imgur.com/a/YpN80

May I stress that we DO NOT have the SAO map.

The SAO map is allredy being built by another party and we are not building it as it is a MASSIVE building task.

Gameplay Breakdown:


Building/configuring/server setup and planning.


Death = restart. Your Items/money/armor/everything is deleted and must restart again.

Food/healing is suplied.

Bosses are MUCH harder than normal zombies.

Zombies get harder the further you travel. Be careful and prepare before venturing.

50 "Levels" designed so far.


Death = Ban or jail (still under debate)

Food/health potions must be scavenged/bought.

100 "Levels" planned.

No Whitelist.

Tekkit and Vanilla servers.

Server IP:

Sign up asap!

*Other servers will be up at full release.

Teamspeak IP: ts41.gameservers.com:9194

No password, jump on in!

Website: http://steelartonline.enjin.com/

Dont expect much, we're still rebuilding.

Server Rules: All servers have rules!

Please stay within the borders, and notify staff if you find a place you're able to escape.

Dont be an asshole, everyone hates dieing, I'm sure you do too.

Dont ask for OP, you'll never get it.

Please dont argue with Staff, we're here to help. (If staff harasses you please notify an admin)

Have fun! <- That one is really tough...

Word from the creators:

Hi! We hope you enjoy your stay as we put alot of time into our dream here. From just the alpha testing/setup this looks like alot of fun and may even play ourself. We do have plans on making a replica of the SAO world, but before everything we decided to do that for another time as thats a HUGE project to start and may take way too much of our time.

So instead we made our own world, and we hope you enjoy the artwork. Tekkit has allowed us to build things you normally cant build in vanilla Minecraft, well you could but...you'd have to build "big", and thats just not our style.

We also bring you 3 completly custom plugins that handel the gameplay of the servers, so head out and check out the new mechanics!

Even after release we want to release new content as much as possible. What we have now is but a shadow of whats to come. More mobs, dungeons, towns, guild perks, ect!


How do I play?

The basic Idea is to try and make it to the 'end boss' at the Ruby Palace. Once the boss is defeated, you'll be rewarded for your efforts and everything gets reset for another playthrough. Be careful though as death is a harsh reality.

How do I make Money?

Zombies drop Gold Nuggets that you can turn in for $ at towns or any area marked with gold.

Where do I get better armor and weapons?

Shops in towns will sell better armor, look for chests with signs ontop of them.

Can I PvP?

Sure! Kill! Butcher! Kill all the people! But beware as being a murderer is frowned upon cand can can cause players to try and get revenge.

I'd like to contact the server owner, how?

There are many ways. Most reliable way is to check our Teamspeak. Look for "Human".

How do I find my friends?

One of our plugins allows you to create parties. Create a party with your friend and then you may teleport to your friend, be careful though not to teleport into a high level area.


I keep hiting people that I don't want to hit...help?

Form a party with those in the area. You can't hit party members.

I died, what happens now?

Well dieing is bad and best avoided at all costs. Its up to you to decide what you do next.

I died...how do I get my stuff back?

Dieing is a harsh reality. Sorry but you can not get your stuff back.

I died in 1 hit, wtf?

You're probbaly in a high level area, next time get some armor.

How do you kill this boss?

Bosses are designed to be killed by multiple people. Bosses also have special powers so beware!

Get some friends to help.

How do I sign up for the Beta?

Just post in this thread that you're interested in the Beta along with your Minecraft name.

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I would ask to also be added but that's moot now hah. Beta release very soon, just mopping up what we've started. As you test and play, more will be added as we have the time (with holidays coming, time should be coming in good supply). You won't need to worry much about how tekkit works in most of its aspects but getting to know the weapons and armor would be useful. We mainly used it for its enhanced decor over vanilla and interesting contraptions it can offer in a survival map (instead of getting plugin after plugin to add more "adventure content"). Having fun, and looking forward to watching this grow.

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Bosses: being built and last major test to guage "toughness" of bosses is scheduled tomorrow from this post.

Plugins: working 100% and now are just designing the overall gameplay from level 1 to End.

New spawn: No more being spawned ontop of a random building.

more content and areas are being added:

Floating islands, desert ruin city, and a huge castle someone started that isnt finished :/

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Shops coming along, Spawn-City admin shops are done though so first steps of economy are on their way (when we turn back on the drops for mobs).

Second City/checkpoint nearly complete also with different item shops and different currency in a rather fun area.

Other areas being worked on: including the ones in previous post are a large water filled chasm with some bubbles, and water-themed ruins underground. Still have much much more to add :)

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*update* Final boss area/fight being built/designed. Would like to see any active testers on for feedback. If not then we'll just tweak it when we actually do get the area tested.

Also loot tables are being implemented for zombies and bosses.

*guardian bosses in towns (golems) are placed to keep players from draging zombies into towns.

zombies killed by golems do not drop loot table items, just rotten flesh.

^thank you testers.

we may even be able to allow quantom armor into the game, since we can actually make bosses do enough damage to pose a threat to someone in this armor. Stull undergoing testing and need alot of help.

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Wow, geting alot of good feedback, thanks everyone ^-^ guess I'll bump this too eh?

On the other hand.

for anyone reading this we're also looking for someone to help design a "leveling tree" if you will.

Turns out we ended up trying to build a MMO inside minecraft/tekkit.

So if anyone wants to PM/email/whatever me with a few ideas I'll make them happen in the server.


-Full Iron armor, Iron Sword, and a boss that would be challenging to fight aginst it... but nearly impossible to fight aginst with leather armor.

same for diamond armor and tekkits additional armor/weapons.

This is whats mainly slowing us down so any ideas would help greatly. If i cant get any ideas I'll generate bosses nearly random and tweak in "open beta"

Few notes on the above:

I can explain as much as possible to help inspire ideas also, and the inner workings of our custom/and public plugins.

+ bosses CAN do enough damage to pose a threat to people with full quantom/gem armor. we can even make bosses 2 shot people in gem armor...its completly possible but not probbaly nessisary...

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