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1.7.10 | FutureWizard | PVP | 45 Slots | MAGIC | TECH | WITCHERY

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Welcome to the FutureWizard

Enter the world where the only limits are your imagination. Follow your paths down Magical or Technical lines. Dig deep into the mines with your friends on our Official Server, while battling it out with other clans and enemies! Build a base knowing it is safe from griefers and stealers.

FutureWizard is a mod pack based on the theory of Tech and Magic clashing. Whose force is stronger? Matter cannons and nukes? Or spells that kill anyone or anything? Join us on our Official Server where you will be greeted by our fantastic players and staff team. Donate and Vote for our server to gain extra perks and items! There are no limits! Join us today to start your adventure!

[To join our server just click install and then click on the multiplayer button. We no longer use an IP as we have a custom title screen!]


Our Rules:

  • No griefing
  • No advertising
  • The staff has the final say
  • No duplicating of any kind
  • No harassment towards anyone
    Be respectful to all players and staff
  • Do not hack or add blacklisted mods

Our Community:

The community that we currently have is truly an amazing community. Since the server has been up each player that has joined has been friendly and has dived straight into the mod pack. Our community is built upon a great structure because of clans; this allows some players to team up with other members of the community to take town a huge clan. The community like to get involved with each other and help each other out with everything whether it is to do with making magic or tech!

Modpack Link:


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