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[3.1.2]Prestige-Networks[PvP/PvE][200 Slots][Grief Prevention, Factions, PrestigeClassic][No Mods Removed] Multi Server Classic


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We are a custom and completely professional Tekkit Classic Server with no banned items and tons of patches. We run very good hardware in order to give you guys a no lag experience. Be sure to check us out and visit our website! www.prestige-networks.com


- No Banned or Removed Mods/Items
- We use basic plugins like Essentials, Grief Prevention, Factions, PermissionsEX, and Tekkit Restrict.
- We also use our base custom plugins for multi uses, such as custom commands like /factions /survival and /hub.
-  24/7 Uptime
- Player Ran Shops
- Multi Server | Hub | Factions | Survival | OP Tekkit Classic (TBA)
- No Lag (Constant 20 TPS)
- Voting Milestones to offer you better rewards over time
- Friendly Staff
- Mature Community
- Custom Patches
- Great Donor Perks
- Much More Coming Soon!


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