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Failed to login: Error


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Same problem here using Tekkit 3.1.3

I can log in rarely, but if I disconnect then I get "Failed to login: Error" and have to wait.

I've tried removing all not required plugins. Didn't work.

Tried restarting the server. Didn't work.

Tried a fresh shiny new server with a fresh shiny new client. Didn't work.

Tried cussing at it. Didn't work

Just seems random. /cry

I want my blocky-goodness.

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Boom Solved. Save this link. its the twitter feed of the chap who looks after minecraft. As I thought is seems to be an issue with the login servers at minecraft.net

if you like me and have legit copys of minecraft and play on authenticated servers. this will be your problem. plonk your bums down and wait till its fixed.

hugs and kisses

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