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original Technic texture pack

kingdom killer

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no. I'm explaining to you that we can generally tell when someone wants to pirate the game.

OK, well to clarify I did buy it back in Alpha, and have been running a server since then too. Want me to log into your server (which I assume is online mode) to prove it or something?

still the same thing, the mods add there textures to minecraft, otherwise you wouldnt see anything other then item names, ...

Mod textures are inside the mod jars and zips when using Forge. If you're doing the old fashioned way of installing mods then they go directly into the jar. Point doesn't matter either way really, we are both saying its easy enough to do yourself, just I see no reason why there isn't just one place with all the default textures. Yes, it takes 15 minutes to do, but why make EVERYONE do the brain-numbing task themselves instead of just one place?

If it's against the technic rules to upload the mod textures, just say that. I don't remember all of the signup agreement and can't find a copy anywhere, so I don't know every rule off by heart (If one of you guys has a link that would be nice). You guys are being really vague with your points here...

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