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Help needed with IC electrics

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Hi Folks,

I'm running off various tutorials and I'm getting things wrong. If someone could help me get some things straightened out, I'd be grateful.

Server is 2.1.1

1) recipes for the MFE transmitter... http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Mods/IndustrialCraft/Energy#MFE_Transmitter ... and the battery pack ... http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Mods/IndustrialCraft/Components#Battery_Pack ... don't want to work. I can make the batteries individually, charge them, discharge them, but I can't make the packs.

2) I'm making the packs because it seems that direct solar connection isn't working. I've made about four solar collectors and have cabled them down to a range of devices, but I've obviously missed something because, if I use something in an electric furnace, once the charge is spent, it doesn't seem to pick up any charge from the collectors. Something tells me that a direct connection isn't working, so I must need some form of battery or collector between the solar collectors and the devices to be powered ... as powering from a standard generator, using coal, seems to work.

I'm using the standard copper cable, which seems to automatically attach to all devices it is placed next to; so I'm assuming that I'm using the right cable for the job.

If anyone can help me out on this, that would be superb.

Many thanks,


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The battery packs are in an MUCH older version of IC, but not IC2. You will not be able to make them.

If you're wiring from solar, you'll need a tin cable, because copper is very lossy. Me, I'd use tin cable to go from solar to some sort of storage, like a BatBox, then use copper cables from there. But only short copper cables.


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Cool! Many thanks. I'll use that wiki from now on.

Also, once in a while, you'll come upon a recipe that's been changed and not updated on the wiki yet (happened to me when crafting nano armor). I would use NEI recipe mode for those items since it'll give you the recipe the game will recognize.

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Also, sounds like your putting the solar panels on the surface...you don't need to do that. As long as they have a clear view of the sky and the little sun icon in the GUI lights up when the sun is out, you should be find. I've have a couple at the bottom of a canyon before and they worked fine. Just long enough to get my geothermal going...lol.

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