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Light emitting sources

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I am looking for a list of all the things that emit light in tekkit.

Essentially I am designing a factory and I want to light the place up but im not sure what the best way to do it is. I could cover the floor in glowstone or place a bunch of torches the retro way but i am sure there is a nice tekkit way of lighting up a room.

Keep in mind that If the light source requires energy or emc or something, it needs to be able to cover enough energy to light a room 8x13 (4 blocks high) with only 1 or 2 solar panels

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The ones I can think of:



Redstone Ore (would require constant input to glow, though)

Redstone Torches



I would suggest getting a few Luminators and upgrading your solar panels. One thing I did to supplement my energy gain is to make a few water mills - 8 nets you about 8 per tick, although I'm not sure if I have the optimal setup so it may be possible to get more.

Otherwise, maybe make a bunch of BatBoxes or an MFE so your house doesn't go dark in the night?

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You forgot about lava, lava behind glass looks pretty cool, also luminators that do require electricity you could hook up a water strainer to a energy link to a pump that pumps into the other water strainers which then powers the luminators, at first it only requires a jump start from a generator or other power source to start the pump to power the water strainer thats touching the energy link, after it turns green and starts generating power its all smooth sailing from there.

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