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A Way to run multiple tekkit windows?

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It's a program which basically allows you to have multiple instances of Minecraft, so you don't have to remove all the mods and reinstall to change modpack, in almost the exact same way that the Technic Launcher does.

It may be possible to have more than one MultiMC running at a time, because if you put different instances of the same thing, the programs won't be modifying the same files. You'd just have to copy the TekkitSMP folder into instances, I think.


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doesn't work. I use a batch file to keep minecraft in my dropbox.


set appdata=%cd%/tekkit

start TechnicLauncher.exe



set appdata=%cd%/tekkit2

start TechnicLauncher.exe

I still get "cannot check launcher version" when I try to run each of these.

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