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Server showing [Severe] [Minecraft-Server] Reached end of stream for xxx.xxx.x.x


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Hello, i am pretty new to making a server so if my question(s) sound uneducated or nooby, thats why. So...last night i started my server making process and i downloaded the server files for Tekkit Space, put them in a folder on my desktop called "Server" and i made a "Run.Bat" file and i clicked Run.bat and it did all of its loading in and i went to port forward. My router's port forwarding was somewhat confusing so i looked up a youtube video of it for my exact router and from what i can gather, it is done correctly. If someone wants to see the video and/or know how i did it to determine if its right, just comment. But anyways...after all of that, in the server log, it says [Severe] [Minecraft-Server] Reached End Of Stream For xxx.xxx.x.x(my IPv4 Address) and i have no idea what to do. I have my IPv4 address as the server IP under server properties and the port 25565. So if someone can help me out and get moving in the right direction again that would be very appreciated.

- Thank you for your time :-)


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