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[1.10.2] 1.10.2 Pack - Tech & Magic [Solder] [130+ Mods] [Offical Server]


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1.10.2 Pack


The Basics

A Tech & Magic Pack which includes over 130+ Mods upgraded to 1.10.2. Everything from AE2, Mekanism, Mystical Agriculture, Blood Magic, Biomes O' Plenty to Draconic Evolution. It's all there! Old favorites and new additions of all the best mods for 1.10.2.


We are constantly updating the mods to the latest versions and applying fixes to assist in the early stages of 1.10.2 mod development.


There is no topping this pack!


Technic Pack: Technic Launcher

Server Download: Technic

Report Issues: GitHub

Pack Discord: Invite


Get Involved! We are taking suggestions on the GitHub and discussions about the pack can be had on discord.

The Pack requires a recommended 6 GB of RAM


------------------------------------------------------> Official Server Included in the pack <---------------------------------------------------------------


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