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Looking for farming companion mod.


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What I'm looking for is a farming companion mod that gives more use to all the crops and food that can be farmed up in modded minecraft.  Reasoning is, I'm making a farming based modpack for 1.10.2 that is a bit empty feeling without some type of goal built into the pack for using all the crops available.  The specifics I'm looking for, or hoping for are as follows:

1: The mod has some type of currency for buying and selling crops and food that is not already in the game.  Some type of coin system maybe?

2: The mod is compatible with may mods including harvestcraft, mystical crops, enderio, immersive engineering, and may others.

3: The mod includes a way to turn off seed drops so all crops have to be purchased through a market system of some type.  The specific seeds that would need to be turned off would be just the vanilla seeds since modded seeds can be controlled via the mod that adds them.  This would give farming a bit more of a challenge making it a bit less plant and forget.

4: Config options to adjust buy and sell prices to alter the balance a bit and make it a bit more challenging if needed.


If a mod that does this doesn't exist, then this is a formal request for one that can.  What I'd envision is a single block(Produce Market) that allows the purchase and selling of crops/food.  The Produce Market would allow items to be piped into it for automation of selling.  The Produce Market would also have an internal storage for the coins used as currency by the mod.  For currency, I envision 3 levels of currency being used in the mod.  First being a simple coin, as an item, it could be (possibly?) found in dungeon and village chests to help get the player started.  The second level of currency, I envision being Emeralds.  This allows the mod to work with existing "currency" methods used in minecraft already, by villagers for example.  The Emeralds would be worth the same as a stack(64) of coins.  The third level I see as being a Regal, or high value coin.  This coin would be worth as much as a stack(64) of emeralds.  Some way for the Produce Market to store and auto convert stacks of coins into emeralds and emeralds into regals would be quite helpful as well as a way to do the opposite, converting a regal into a stack of emeralds and an emerald into a stack of coins would make things a LOT easier.

Having a currency system like this would allow some other items to be available for sale.  Items that can not be aquired through farming or crafting, like nether stars, dragons breath, and dragon eggs.  These would be at an extremely high price.

Having the mod be able to regester the items and price through the config file would make it a lot easier to add new crops and items to the Produce Market.  And this would make the mod a bit easier to make since then ONLY the vanilla crops would need to be added to the mod initially.  The rest being added by the modpack creator.


NOTE: I have no skill or understanding for programing...  It is a completely foreign language that makes no sense to me...  No matter how much I wish it did...

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