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[x32/x64/x128] Sphax BDCraft Technic 7.5.X+ (UPDATE: New Thread & Download!)


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TL;DR - Download the Base Pack HERE; Then download the patch HERE.

I had fun watching the completely arbitrary DL count rise, but tama63 is also keeping an updated version going on his website and the BDCraft Forums. He's also supporting x128 versions as well as x64 (and maybe 32x in the future based on his website!).

Since I was only sharing with the Technic forums (and only x64 support) I've decided that I might as well redirect all traffic towards him. :) It's a lot of work to put a pack like this together, so make sure to drop by and tell him thanks!


In the thread is a link that redirects to his website for the actual download.


Thanks again, and never stop crafting!


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Combined with the 1.4.6 version of 64x Basic Sphax this patch is still okay for Tekkit Lite for me so far, I did have to manually add in Optifine to fix the water/lava textures however.

Good, great. :)

Should be pretty easy to track down the mods that are in Tekkit but not Technic and integrate the patch, if one exists. Thanks for using it! :)

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Hey guys. I've been away for quite a while. I'm having trouble adding back optifine to use on the latest technic 7.5.2

Not sure if i should be using a specific version of optifine and if i should be installing to the minecraft.jar or the modpack.jar and if I should be deleting the meta-inf or not. I followed the link http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/manually-installing-optifine.14981/ but that page is from months ago and doesn't seem to quite work with 7.5

Never mind. Found a relevant post elsewhere. I've been away so long I forgot to not be a moron >_<

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