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blightfall wont let me play: please advise.



so, I downloaded the technic launcher, downloaded blightfall, and clicked the "play" button. and then it put up a message that says that I can't run it because it needs 2 GB of ram. I am using a brand new gaming computer that can run maximum definition shaders with no lag whatsoever. I'm pretty sure I have at least two GB of ram. I am having the same problem with the "project earth" modpack, so I think the issue might be on my end, but I'm not quite sure. please advise.  BXBus7wFCQjJeac_9_eq0kmYJQgQAsCeYeNWxMTcuZgwdVEmn3wENOMeSQcC65cUDqWkliEwEPF2_EUXrKSQMm6vJdXeIDLMw5Hw1m2qvaAIPrwzm10o8mMtPjOw9JxEaxIQg4AI

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