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"Failed to download my pack" Error


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Hi all,


I recently started to create my own custom mod pack, I've watched countless tutorials on how to do it but nothing seems to work, it will not even let me install my mod pack.

Here is a link to my mod pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/li5mse4ec610imr/ukmc123.zip?dl=0


Can somebody please help with what I need to do, apologies if I am just being stupid.

I have tried dl'ing forge and renaming to modpack, using mod pack templates & even stripping exisiting mod packs to only use my resources


Anything else you need to help let me know and ill reply asap!



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1) Your zip should contain three folders: Bin, Mods, and Config. Your zip should unzip directly into these folders, not a sub-folder 

2) Use forge 1614

3) Almost all your mods are from content-scraping garbage sites. Re-download from curse or curseforge, or author's website. 

4) For your dropbox link, change dl=0 to dl=1




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