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Every time i "play" a modpack, it closes and re-opens technic launcher.


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Please help me. I've been stuck on this for days, posting in different websites, and nobody has been able to help me. When i click "install" on any modpack, the process is fine, but when i click play, it installs the "minecraft assets" Slows down at the end of the loading bar, and closes and re-opens within the blink of an eye.


Everything i've tried :

  1. Get 64x Java
  2. Re-install modpack
  3. Re-install Technic Launcher (completely)
  4. Updated Graphics card drivers
  5. Re-started PC
  6. Allocating more RAM to Technic Launcher


My crash log is the ".txt" file i included at the bottom, Don't worry, no viruses lol.

WARNING : It's a super large crash log. Just sayin'.




-MysticzHDD <3


Technic Crash Log 7 19 2018.txt

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