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Venture Elite [Modpack] [Magic] [PvP]


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The goal of this modpack was to create a modpack that was a fun and balanced pvp modpack, but that could remain light, so anyone could run it. After a month and many updates, we've created the perfect mod list that allows anyone with any level of mod expertise to run the pack and enjoy it whether a weathered modpack veteran or a newbie starting their first modded gameplay. You will never get bored in this pack, because by the time you do, we would have added more content for you to explore. Our discord is readily available to anyone who wishes to take part in the community we're starting, or give feedback to the active, listening developers who will take your personal feedback into consideration.




- Carpenters Blocks
- Securitycraft
- Ars Magica 2
- Applied Energistics
- Atomic Science
- Baubles
- Big Reactors
- BiomesOPlenty
- Botania
- CarpentersBlocs
- Chisel
- ComputerCraft
- Draconic Evolution
- EnderIO
- EnderStorage
- ExtraCells
- ExtraPlanets
- ExtraTIC
- ExtraUtilities
- Galacticraft
- Galacticraft Planets+
- Inventory Tweaks
- Mekanism
- Modular Force Fields
- Minefactory Reloaded
- Modular Powersuits
- Openblocks
- Open Modular Turrets
- OreSpawn
- RandomThings
- RfTools
- Tinkers Construct
- Thermal Expansion + addons
- VoltzEngine
- Waila
- WirelessCraftingTerminal
- Witchery
- XaerosMinimap
- and more quality of life mods that don't add content or lag

Server coming soon.

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