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I present Old School Redux! An updated version of Tekkit Classic from 1.2.5!


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Right now it is in it's early stages of development but I am hoping to grow it into what Tekkit Classic was!

I know there are "updated tekkit packs" but they all add in extra mods. I just wanted to play Tekkit how it was in the old days.

Right now I am using the updated version if Industrial Craft 2 but I can and will change it to the Classic Remake of it if you guys want me to seeing as I am making it for this community.

I want you guys to help test it and tell me what recipes should be changed to fit what classic was going for.

I have all the mods from Tekkit Classic except for the one or two that is not available anymore and I also have some recreations of the Old mods.

ProjectE is in this pack and I have never actually messed with the mod myself but I hear it is more OP than EE2. I will configure the mod to better fit EE2 in the future though with your guys help!

Please let me know what some changes that you feel should be made and I will look into it!

Old School Redux: DOWNLOAD

Old School Redux Sphax Patch (x64): DOWNLOAD

Join the Discord server for Updates and to report bugs!

Old School Redux Discord Server: https://discord.gg/wKaSnRN

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