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I can connect but not log into my server, help?


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i have all the server files downloaded, an ip in to connect to, but whenever i try to log onto the server i get the error "Took too long to log in". im able to connect to the server but not log in.

i can launch minecraft_server.1.6.4.jar and view it loading the world without issue. if it helps this is what i see when i launch launch.bat


i have it port forwarded and i've used the host devices ip and hamachi but both produced the same result

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This is not isolated to servers only. You would not be able to play singleplayer either with those javas. Well.. you could use them if you only played vanilla. Forge is essential as it makes modpacks possible. Stay with java 8 and please don't use hamachi, it's garbage and has been reported to cause issues with modded minecraft. We recommend portforwarding instead.

Join us at technic discord where we got more up-to-date links and bots for easier tech help

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