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3.1.3 - The forgotten release?


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On November 15th 3.1.3 was proclaimed as being almost finalized and there has been no news since. Why is the default server file download 3.1.3 with such an unstable version? I've had to patch several items and still have crashing issues on our server with no official word from anyone as to what is going on here.

Is it time to start looking for another mod pack? Any recommendations?


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the news article you probably read (because it dates to the 15th of november) also clearly says that "Tekkit 3.1.3 is still Minecraft 1.2.5! This version is basically finalizing our 1.2.5 builds"

meaning its so horribly outdated that theres no point in working on it still.

just wait for the 1.4 server for technic.

since bukkit has declared itself dead(*) by not supporting forge in the slightest, its extremely unlikely that theres going to be another tekkit build (because tekkit = technic pack + modded bukkit server, hence the name) but instead (hopefully anyway) a dedicated forge-server build that accepts connections from technic clients soon-ish?

(*) Nov 22 2012 - the day bukkit killed itself

edited to add: consider this a plea for an official statement as to which direction "technic for servers" is going to take now that tekkit cannot continue.

I do know its christmas and all. enjoy your holidays and revisit this afterwards.

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that seems to be the bukkit side of things where some people are still fiddling around with merging the 2, theres even an attempt for 1.4.5. BUT

a) bukkit is very much worthless until they sort the entities through portals thing out and the other aspects of vanilla 1.4 that they havent implemented

and also

B) still working with / relying on ports for / acknoledgeging bukkit seems like a politically wrong move as the current agenda should be to support forge instead of bukkit because... well its the much better thing and the odd bukkit guys need to get off their high horses.+

well and

c) anything other than 1.4.6 is pointless due to being outdated

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Bukkit should stop being so dumb. They literally have to almost rewrite their entire code every time Minecraft updates, even though there's lots of better ways to do it which makes it take about 2 hours instead of 100. But no, they insist on doing things the hard way so they can whine all day about how much time it costs.

They're also stubborn as a mule, and contradict themselves every other day. They say they want a Vanilla Minecraft experience, yet they provide an API which allows for some heavy modding.

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