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1.0.3 No Mystcraft?


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I downloaded and looked at the latest 1.0.3 version of Voltz just to see the changes. And one thing that struck me immediately was that Mystcraft was no longer present in the build.

I know this is a new modpack, still in some development- so I wanted to bring up the question, if nothing else for the sake of the future of the modpack. Is Mystcraft being removed entirely or is this just temporary for some purpose of the latest build?

Also the lack of any changelogs (as far as I could find) perplexes me- I like to know what changes have been made so I know what to expect, at least with any major/milestone update.

I'm relatively new to the forums, so if any of this has been discussed before then please pardon me repeating it.

Thank you.

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i actually got really deap into mystcraft what struck me odd about it is that it dosent fit the theme of the rest of the mods, it is the only mod that is "magic" the other mods are realist in a way but mystcraft dosent fit this theme, it also is very stressful on the severs because it is spawning a new world in your world most servers have it disabled i dont even think you can make a server with it i think it is best for the mod if it is removed

i am pretty sure mekanism was updated so that it is possible to make refine steel without refine steel

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Ah I see. Well now, that is a shame. I really do like Mystcraft, and i think it goes good together with other technical and steampunk inspired mods- seeing as the Myst lore and universe is very technical and steampunky. But I do see what you both are saying about it not fitting.

Thanks for the answers.

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Mystcraft will still work fine if you manually add it.


There was some intense debating over whether we should keep it, whether we should remove it server side...

But in the end it had to go, in the last build it crashed servers and it is still deemed too basic to run securely on SMP.

Of course if you do choose to download Mystcraft there are several more manual ways of controlling the creation of ages, disabling certain recipes can help and there is still some support from other mods (ICBM) making it quite compatible.

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