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Low fps (and memory issues)


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This problem has been present ever since the first time I played Tekkit(this is single-player by the way) . For the first 2 or 3 minutes, Tekkit runs okay -around 30 -50fps (80 when I look at the sky). But then suddenly my fps nose dives, going as low as zero, but usually hovers around 10 fps. I really don't get it

Now for the memory issues part. Lets say that on the Technic Launcher I select 512MB. Then i press log in. It loads then I click on my world. The world loads and then i press F3. In the top right it says:

Used memory: 20% (110MB) of 494MB

Allocated memory: 39% (194MB)

What is happening and does anyone know a way to fix it?

Any help would be much appreciated.

System Specs:

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3

RAM: 3.5GB

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It could very well be that you're 2 operating systems behind. I don't like Windows at all, so I don't vouch for it. On the other hand, Linux has problems with ATI.

You could look up how to use Java with more memory. In Win7 you would go to Control panel, Java, Java, view, user, in runtime parameters click ADD and put in "-Xms1024M -Xmx2048M" I would double the default amount, I tripled mine. You can also do -Xms2G -Xmx3G

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I had a similar issue running 32-bit Vista, I tried all the fixes and suggestions to get minecraft to adopt a higher allocated memory to no avail. I finally solved the issue by going to windows 7 64 bit. The Launcher and Java both seem to like 64 bit systems much better now, and my game runs with 3gb allocated.

Unfortunately, it might just be best to bite the bullet and get a newer OS.... SP3 was launched back in 2008, and the core of the system all the way back in 2001.

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Look, I don't want to upgrade my OS

Any other ideas?

EDIT: OK, the problem has changed a bit. Now, what happens instead is that the first 2 or 3 minutes are fine with no lag spikes. However after that previous good spell, instead of the constant lag i described earlier, the fps constantly changes and there are many lag spikes.

The worst of the lag spike come from spinning (looking) around. Other major lag spikes include going into my inventory, clicking on a crafting table, chest or anything that has an interface.

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I reload my OS every 6 months or so(it can't stay status quo forever!)

Anyways, do the lag spikes happen on SSP too?

If it's necessary every 6 months, then I believe the problem is between chair and keyboard.

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Yep, I've tried all of those things, except Advanced OpenGL On. I'm about to try that now.

EDIT: Advanced OpenGL On didn't work


I think I've found out something: I think my fps issues are coming from problems with rendering. However changing the render distance does not do much. Tiny does increase fps but lag spikes are still present when i turn around on the spot

DOUBLE EDIT: Yep, definitely coming from rendering

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Increase the amount of RAM. Also, Technic will not run well on 32-bit Java. I'd say install 64-bit, but you have a 32-bit OS.

If increasing the amount of RAM and installing Optifine doesn't help, then you're out of luck.

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When you say installing OptiFine, do you getting a different OptiFine than the one that comes with the technic launcher?

Also, another weird thing just happened. I allocated 1536mb to tekkit, but in-game on the debug screen the memory was only 247mb. Any ideas about that?

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