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Haven't played FO4, but played a lot of FO3. So many hours were sunk into that game.

I want to try FO 1 & 2 at some point, but those types of games aren't really my cup of tea.

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Yes I definitely want to go back and give 3 another try. I wasn't feeling it when I checked it out before but I feel like maybe with a fresh set of eyes and my current love for 4 it will be a more inspired gameplay. 

I think what I love about it is that it has such a detailed story. As far as xbox type consoles go,  I usually get pretty interested in platformers with pretty visuals like Ori and Hollow Knight. I've played some Halo, some GTA, that sort of thing and they were all kind of fun for me but never that big WOW vibe. I do enjoy Bioshock although I've never just played through it in the same way as Fallout, but it's a whole lot like fallout. 

LP what other kind of games do you like to play? 

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not FO4, but FO3 got a lot of my attention back in the day. I still have New Vegas on my steam library, with very few hours on it.

I don't have any love for Bethesda anymore, but Obsidian laid much passion in NV and I hope I get to it one day. I hear Joshua Graham is still considered the coolest character ingame. haven't yet met him...

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