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Voltztekk - No longer Voltz


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Server Is No Longer Voltz

Please Delete/Lock/Something

VoltzTekk: CURRENTLY: Online

VoltzTekk Is A Grief And Raid Server Open To All Should They Wish 24/7,

Fairly Active Staff

Only Crash Items Are Banned, There Are No Restrictions,

SPAWN IS MONITORED And Will Be Rejuvenated As Needed (Hopefully Never)

All Mods Are Installed And Online,

Easy Going Staff Members Just Trying To Play The Game,

Map Regenerations Will be As Rare As Possible


1. Don't Ask For Op/Creative/Spawned Items; You Won't Get Them

2. Be Responsible, Respectful And Ethical

3. Don't Use Hate Speak, Including but not limited to: Excessive Swearing, Discrimination, Trolling, Flaming, ETC

4. Don't Spam Or Advertise,

5. Don't Overdose Explosives, Including Grenades And Missiles, By All Means, Use Them, Just Don't Over Use Them,

6. Don't Abuse Glitches/Bugs, Including But Not Limited To: Dupe Glitches

7.(not really a rule, just a warning) We Will Treat Transparent Power-suits As Hacks,because of the nightmare they provide for admins

Plugins In Use



Group Manager

World Guard+Edit

This List May Change At Any Time As We Add Some Favourites From The VoltzTekk Team And Possibly Some Approved Community Suggestions

Just Because There's No Staff Openings Doesn't Mean We Won't Offer You A Position With Us

New Forum Site (temporary Pending Website):http://w11.zetaboards.com/Voltztekk/

Bukkitforge link (c/o taa1taa): http://build.technicpack.net:8080/job/BukkitForge/

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Yeah... I wonder if CPU will turn out to be more important than ram in Voltz.

So Far I've had very little issues with Clanslots, I crash my client before I get disconnected by lag, however that's with just 2 of the 25 possible,

Come Along, Give Us Ago, If We're On, We'll Lend A Hand, We've Just Reset The Seed After Pratting About (there's only 3 of us, we all agree'd its all good)

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Work On A Spawn Has Begun, Join Now And Message Me (Danners68) with the Essentials /Mail Commands For A Chance To Be On The Development Team,

Currently In Initial Design Stage

A Spawn Has Been Selected Closing All Dev Team Positions

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Server Is Currently Down Due To Maintainance Above My Control, When The Server Is Restored She Will Be 1.0.11

Planned Work For The VT Team Include Tweaking MCJobs (recently Added, not listed as not fully compat yet) and Choptree, Please Bear With Us

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WARNING!!!!: Server Access Is Bouncing While I Setup MFFS Spawn Protection,

MFFS installation failed and killed the server, restoring a previous spawn backup, player bases created before the crash should be unaffected

Server Should Be Up Soon, Thank You For Your Patience, [WATCH THIS SPACE]

MFFS work has been delayed for 9 hours minimum

Server is down due to complications above my control :(:( :(

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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