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  1. IGN jacenhawk just started playing mc again, last time i played what when tekkit dropped ee2 so i dont know any of the mods, looking for a server to play on with a firend
  2. is i take it server is now dead?
  3. iconi97 launched several missiles at spawn and was banned danners is working on fixing up spawn and it will stay white-listed until then.(this last part is jsut a guess)
  4. any clue when the server will be back up?
  5. ok so i deleted voltz folder opened new launcher selected voltz opened options did select build and did the 1.0.13(latest available version) but i still dont seem to have the latest versions of the mods and can not connect because of this
  6. Age: 15 - Name: jacenhawk - Experience: 2 years MC 1 day Voltz( i prefer to learn in a community setting so that i can get help if needed and then share said knowledge with others)(also is to prevent my-self from spawning endgame items) - Skype: jacenhawk
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