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Adminium, JsonAPI and Tekkit...


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I've got a small server running for a few friends. I, unfortunately, can't access the server at work. Probably not a bad thing. My friends though have a much more lenient workplace and are able to jump on all the time.

I recently discovered an app called Adminium, which gets pretty good reviews. It apparently allows you access to your Minecraft server via your iPhone. You can manage things as well as chat with those on.

I was reading a bit more about the app and it requires JsonAPI to function. I have no clue what this is lol. Is this something that can function with the latest version of Tekkit?

Before I purchase the app, has anyone here tried it?

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VHere is a link to jsonapi, from the looks of it you need version 3.3.2, you should check to see what version of the adminium app requires what version of jsonapi. Keep in mind tekkit uses craftbukkit 1.1 revision 4,so all plugins, must be compatible as such.

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