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How do detectors work?

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If the MFSU are not near anything influenced by redstone current, you can et them to emit a redstone signal when full, partially full, empty, etc. Use your favorite color of RP lamp to color code your system and you're good to go.

My first (and next) lab has 4 MFSU levels from top to bottom with lights that...ah, I'll jsut go screenshot it...here: http://imgur.com/AQcqg

All machines are hooked up in parallel so they can pull from each set of MFSUs and because they drain power and it goes back down, the lights go from green to red as I deplete my available power supply.

As for giving you an exact number, sorry mate.

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Ugh, i wished they would have actually detected player and mobs and such :/

Thaumcraft has a detector symbol that uses a spider eye. Checkout a Thaumcraft tutorial video- you can make the "ultimate BUD switch" with Thaumcraft.

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