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Why is Equivalent Exchange 3 even in this modpack?

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A mining Turtle is as good as a Quarry and only costs 3 Diamonds, nerf Computer Craft!

That's just as stupid as when you would've said "Fists are OP because they can break everything". Seriously.

At least the Turtle doesn't allow you to pull stuff out of your ass. It has to actually mine, it actually uses up the world's resources. And it takes a lot of programming to make it work right, and costs a ton of fuel. At that rate, you're better off mining yourself with a pickaxe.

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I prefer Steves Cart's for mining automation these days, a cart with a drill, a track layer, a bridge builder and a coal engine is pretty nice for boring out good sized tunnels to manually dig strip mine tunnels off of which can yield a ton of resources with a little work plus the cart picks up a good amount too.

Now all the cart needs is an "OMG thats a lot of lava coming out of the wall I just cut through" module....lol lost a few diggers cause the bridge builder does them no good if the lava is above them.

I do think the wood to obsidian transmutation needs a look, cause combining that with a Logger from Steves Carts or just a few RP2 giant rubber trees and treecapitator is just a bit too easy. Its nice to be able to transmute obsidian when you need it, but the cost level jump between obsidian and iron and the other way of doing things is too short. The Gravel>Clay Dust>Clay Block>Iron>Gold>Diamond path makes more logical sense and costs enough resources to make it something that can't be readily overabused. Wood>Obs>Iron>Gold>Diamond though is a much shorter and less costly resource path, and far easier to achieve due to treecapitator.

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