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Do I need to put forge in custom modpack?


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Yeah, you need to put in forge. Basically, everything apart from the official minecraft stuff (Resources, natives and minecraft.jar) needs to be in there. So make an empty modpack.jar and put Forge in there.

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How do I create a modpack for Multiplayer Use in tekkit lite

After I saw the new update which allowed you to make modpacks to play on servers I knew that I had to make one. Tragically after watching the video tutorial I was left slightly confused. What I want to do is add four mods into tekkit lite. The mods are as follow.

Invasion mod

ICBM mod

Flans mod (with four content packs)

Grey Goo mod

All I want to know is how to assemble the pack in easy to understand directions and know how I can run a server with said mod pack. Also if possible how I can send the modpack to a friend so he can play on my server.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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