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Texture pack for Tekkite Lite?


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I'm just wondering if anyone has started scribbling together a texture pack yet for this mod?

Personally I hate the original textures and really enjoyed playing classic Tekkit with sphax64 or doku, and as I don't have any experience with making my own texture packs, what could I do apart from waiting?

I tried pasting in sphax in Tekkit Lite golder and use it like I normally would, but the launcher said something about conflicting textures.

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I'm also looking for some good texture pack for tekkit lite. Personally hate default ones. I'm currently using LB Photo Realism pack with Kraym addon for IC2, but LB pack is only for vanilla MC and Kraym addon is for older version of IC2. Whole world looks absolutly fantastic (with GLSL Shaders and SEUS), but since IC2 changed BlockID structure, many textures for IC2 not working properly, such as tin or copper, not mentioning that there is no support for other Tekkit Lite mods like Buildcraft etc. So is there any soul,which can make whole Tekkit lite textures addon for fantastic LB Photo Realism ?

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