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Is there a way to mass kill slimes?


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I have been playing on this map for 120 minecraft days and I am in the slime mother land. At first it wasn't too bad easy exp, but now there are probably a good 50 or so giant slimes running around. As soon as I kill one another pops up.

I've tried variations of /butcher but I cannot seem to get that to work. Someone please help me kill the all the slimes!

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Hint: Slimes cannot swim.

I have been glitching some water with redpower pumps to full a moat-ish thing around my place.

I'm not sure how a nuke would work and not ruin the landscape.

And what is the range on the teslacoils? Do they damage buildings? What are the risks?

A screenshot in only one direction, I am surrounded 360


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I like to make pits of quicksand to suffocate mobs. I have powered obsidian pipes along the crawlspace under the quicksand to pipe goodies into chests.

On my latest map I spawned near a Millénaire village in the middle of a swamp and the area is freaking infested by giant slimes. And I can't use passive mob killing tricks since they'd kill villagers as well. (at least with vanilla villages you can force breed villagers until you have a few golems patrolling the area)


I've read about transplanting captured vanilla villagers and placing them in player made npc housing, then breeding them until you have enough population for a golem. Then your area will be patrolled by golems and you get a lot of villagers to trade with.

Or just setup you base under an existing village...

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