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How to make Rubber Bars?!

Bill G

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So the new recipe for the Hazmat suit says you need "Rubber Bar". When you check its recipe it has a new type of rubber that you smelt into this rubber bar.....however I have no idea how to get this other type of rubber. I have googled this everywhere....I have also searched the forums and seen nothing.

Please help!

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After doing a little more research i never really found the answer. However, I did find out that MFR (MineFactory Reloaded) has its own Rubber that is compatible with IC2 rubber. There is a config somewhere where you can turn off MFR rubber and just use IC2 rubber and i BELIEVE what is happening is that this setting is being set by default in tekkit lite. I am at work right now and can't double check my theory.

FYI every recipe ive seen now that has rubber bars in it seems to be able to be replaced with IC2 rubber......which is why when smelting IC2 rubber it goes straight to plastic instead of to bars first. (just theorizing again)

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It's the Ore Dictionary feature of Forge. It creates an equivalence between the two in all recipes. If you really must have the rubber bars for decorative purposes or the like, try the Forge Lexicon item. It allows you to convert between equivalent Ore Dictionary items, and I've verified that it can convert IC2 rubber to rubber bars.

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I've noticed that certain rubber trees drop these Tear Drop Shaped rubber pieces, smelting those is what gives you the rubber bars aside from what Aurrin said, which is true. But it's beyond my knowledge as to where to find the certain trees with these, or how to get saplings that do. But here are a few ID's if it helps any.

Rubber Tree Log: 3122

Rubber Tree Leaves: 3123

Rubber Sapling: 3124

Drops the Rubber Piece (Id: 12258) Smelted to rubber bar (Id: 12251).

Screenshots of these trees and items.

**Note I put these in myself, not found naturally.

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