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Forge mods


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For the life of me I cant find any info on where to go to get forge mods, like bukkit has their website with plugin lists etc.

but I cant find anything similar for forge...

any suggestions ?

right now im just trying to find an motd so i can turn on the show players on reis.

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with forge, do i need to install it on the client side and have all the players do the same ? or is it like bukkit and i just put it in the mods folder ?

and thanks a ton for the links!

Forge mods are client and server

Thanks to the launcher's custom zip and custom mods capability it's very easy (once you get your head around it)

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okay i had found a video walkthrough for the launchers custom zip but i've somehow managed to lose the link...

only question i have is, i understand the structure, but can i include the minecraft.jar in the zip as well and it'll include it in the custom update through the launcher ?

basically, installed mo creatures mod, and it has a GUI that needs to be dumped into the jar file itself, its up and running on the server w/o issue, but i need to get the jar update to my friends who play with me and trying to find the best route to do that.

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