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LogisticsPipes-Request on desktop.


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Ever since TekkitLite updated to 0.52, when I start the game, I get a LogisticsPipes documents on the desktop.

One appears to Notepad .log file, the other is a .log.lck file

How do I stop these files being created - I did NOT give permission for these to be created, let alone on the Desktop. If they MUST be created for the game to work, how can I change where they are created.

I only allow items I have specifically placed to be on my desktop, I do not want icons auto creating.


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Simple fix

  1. Move the launcher OFF of your desktop
  2. Create Shortcut to Launcher
  3. Place Shortcut on Desktop

These files are auto-created on launch (just like server.log and lck and crash files)

You can also look over the config and try to find a option to disable this file, I looked at the LP file and didn't see anything, that said it was a 30 second sweap

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