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Biomes O Plenty Help

Darren Jones

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This is a plea for help from anyone who has that mod installed or ever did. I need the config file. It doesnt have to be edited to work with tekkit or tekkitlite or anything else.

I just need the one that has all blocks and ids.

I cant get it to work on my server because of block id issues obviously. But since it wont work, it wont generate a proper config file. So i cannot edit the block ids. And i cant seem to find a download for it anywhere?

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If you get errors like this you can search in the config files for settings in each mod such as "autoAssign=0" or "autoAssign=false". Set them to "1" and "true" respectively. I believe you can also set forge.cfg "B:enableGlobalConfig=true" and then add the lines "B:autoAssign=true" and "B:autoAssign=1" right below it and this will apply to all mods. (I THINK)

Some mods simply do not have that option either, so you will have to change some ID's Manually

BEWARE, changing item id's for mods on an existing map can break things. Suggest to start on a fresh map.

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