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Easy Crafting Table (aka Crafting Table III) and Optifine


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Any chance the "Easy Crafting Table" by Lepko could be added in the next update?


It has been working fine for me, I just put it in the mods folder. A simple mod like this can really make a massive modpack less frustrating especially when mods used tiered items such as solar arrays in IC2 and gears in Buildcraft.

And what about optifine? Any reason that's not included? Considering how easy it is to play tekkit lite, installing optifine is the hardest thing to install.

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could you elaborate on that? because to my knowledge optifine attempts to load as many chunks as the view distance you set requires it to. however, servers do have a viewdistance setting that limits the maximum distance the server will send to the client, no matter how far optifine goes above FAR

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Hey PhilGood,

Just confirming, Easy crafting is working fine for you in Tekkit Lite 052.

Any problems of missing crafts or mods?

Ive had a few issues so far,

-Having the minium stone in my inventory drives the table nuts. I can see why it would cos it would basically work out how to transmute items back and forth until the minium stone wears out.

-An other i had was when i had a stack of wood, stack of cobble, stack of iron, stack of gold, stack of diamond in my inventory. there must be ALOT of items it can make with those items. i just wanted to make an electric engine. I think it has IC2 recipes built in so it can handle those fine, noticed a folder with IC2 on it when i was digging for the texture folder.

-One other thing which isnt really that bad, when needing to make something tiered e.g. a LV solar array, you need inventory space for solar panels and transformer or it cant work it that it can make it, despite have all the items needed.

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Another problem that I just found is that you can't scroll through the NEI item list on the right using the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel only controls the easy crafting table's list of available craft-able items. Normally, the scroll wheel only works for the NEI item list when the cursor is hovering over the list of items, but no matter where it is, when using an easy crafting table, it doesn't work.

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It also seems to create a number of industrial credits when making recipes involving refined iron (stored as ingots or machine blocks). And I mean a number not divisible by 9, so I don't know if I can trust it to use the right amount of materials :/ Not tested with the newest version.

A more quirky ability is it seems to be able to convert ingots between mods, mostly useful if you find their specific storage blocks prettier. At least I have no problems using the ingots interchangeably (no need to convert).

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