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My deployer isn't deploying?


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1. Deployers don't need blutricity.

2. You can put timers directly adjacent to machines, no need for redstone/red wire between them. It works the way you did it, but again, unnecessary.

3. You are using BC pipes to extract water buckets, you need RP2 pneumatic tubes.

4. The best way to do this is to place a filter directly behind the deployer, and ask it to retrieve full water buckets only. It will then ignore the empty buckets until they've been filled.

I've made a very simple system to demonstrate how you can do it. The second filter near the chest can be used to put empty buckets back into the deployer after the water has been used.


Also, if you just want water in your pipes, use a BuildCraft pump surrounded by 4 redstone engines.

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