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Tekkit Lite Server Possible On RaspberryPi

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I have a couple RaspberryPi's laying around and I was wondering if there was any way a Tekkit Lite server could be ran off of one of them (The one I'm planning on using is overclocked to 1Ghz).

How easy would it be to try to port over the files so it could work and what are the minimal Tekkit Lite server to run


^Link to official raspberrypi website to see what it is^

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Thanks but one last question how do I get it to run because my raspberrypi doesn't use .bat to run things any suggestions? (lx terminal maybe?)

If you had done any research on the subject you would know that this is a waste of time. The server is going to preform poorly at best.

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right..... good luck on soldering a better CPU onto that thing and make that actually work. add some more memory chips too while youre at it.

Just get a bigger SD card. =3

The thing people are missing, is that he didn't ask for it to work WELL. He just asked for it to work. Which it will. It's just a normal linux distro.

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screw all you guys, here's what you do: you need to first load the world on a pc, as i have noticed whats known as clunky chunks, load it with as much ram as possible so the world doesn't corrupt the seed when you load the world on 200MB. set up world boundaries, disable the nether, turn off monsters, (sorry but that's necessary.) and turn the view distance down to 3. now go get your pi. install jdk 8 ARM, and load the server on to your pi. To improve performance you should convert the server to spigot and turn down even more settings. run the spigot server from the command line by cd-ing to your server's location, and typing "java -Xmx200M -Xms190M -jar -TekkitLite.jar -nogui" without the quotes, and you should be good to go!

this works because generating the world on 200MB will make everything freak out. to avoid this you can generate the world on the full allotment of ram and then when the world loads from flash memory it doesn't mess up generating because it doesn't generate, it just loads. I tried this on a Tekkit Classic server awhile back and managed to set off a few nukes and not crash on only 200MB of ram. and the world didn't generate funky either.

I do not yet have my Raspberry Pi but i'm ordering a china made Model B 512MB tomorrow for $27 with shipping to Alaska included. sorry about my grammer and punctuation.

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