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Tekkit server hosting?


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I would prefer a US server, also I am looking for around 10 to 15 person server. Just for a group of personal friends. I would host it on my own computer, but my ISP has the ports that I need to use blocked.

Do you mean they have the 25565 or whichever port blocked? I think you could probably use other ports to run the server, though I don't know which ones would interfere with other items in your computer. I guess if they are only giving you X ports to use, you might still be stuck, but if they are just blocking specific ranges of ports, then I think you should be able to find a usable one. I ran two small servers off of my computer, letting one of them grab the default 25565 while the other used 25566, and it worked fine until my computer started yelling at me for running two servers on it :D

Hope that helps!

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I use HostedGameServers.com

They're really affordable and the lag is minimal. They have servers in the US and I believe maybe the UK. Plus they give you FTP access, free web hosting and free mumble. I really like them a lot!

EDIT: Someone just messaged me that they tried them out and didn't have enough ram to run Tekkit. I run a six slot server that usually only has two or three people tops online at once. Six slots is around 1GB of ram. Hope that helps those looking into it!

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They look good but are a bit pricey. I found a host that is about $56 for 3 months for a 20 person server. They support Tekkit, but are currently having problems with Java and thus Tekkit is not working. >.> So my search goes on.

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Provision Host is working well for me.

Quick run down of what you get that I can think of right now:

Free subdomain.

Free access to McMyAdmin Enterprise (with all but the lowest server subscription).

Root access to your server running CentOS tweaked for MC.

Java 1.7 installed.

Apache2 installed.

Bandwith, CPU and Memory usage charts with the ability to restart the server instance through their web page.

MC server auto starts when the server is started (unless you disable it)

SSH, FTP and SFTP access

Anything else you like as long as it's minecraft related since you have root access to setup and configure the server in any way you like.

I like using the SSH console with Putty so I fetched and built from source htop to monitor usage, modified the webserver, set up dynmap and did a few more tweaks. It's almost like running a server from your own home (wich I did before) except you don't choose the operating system and you don't have physical access to it. Subscription changes are very fast and automatic it seems (I could see the increase in memory jump up dynamically in htop through both of the upgrades I've gone through and they were done within the hour after immediate payment).

Server locations are in the US, Canada and UK.

Their staff has also been positive and helpful in their communication so all in all they are a host I feel safe in recommending without having reservations.

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I suggest Vortex servers. They have very good Tekkit packages for the price.

I rented one in New York and most of my players are located in Quebec, Canada.

No lag, they push the new dev builds within 24 hours, the administration interface is the best I've seen and the support is impressive.

I always had an answer to my tickets in less than 1 hrs. Tumbs up for this hosting !

Take a look


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