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Chunck Reverts, loses items


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Hello all, I was wondering if you could help me with a problem !

Me and my brother play on our Tekkit Lite LAN world and we recently built a quarry. We extracted everything from a 9x9 square. We took all the items from our numerous chests. Today, when we logged on we saw what seems like a reverted chunk. What i mean by that is that the chunk seems to have gone back to the way it was before we altered anything. Our quarry, pipes, everything in the reverted chunk disappeared. We can walk on the chunk, take items from the chunk, everything. What could have caused this and how can we make sure it does not happen again ?

TL; DR : Chunk seems to have reverted to original form, making us lose our quarry and stuff.

Thank you for your time, Flayre.

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There's a bug whit anchors and quarry's being on the same chunk or simulating the same ones, hadn't tested it a lot don't know the requisites, but i had the same problem in my 3x3 chunk quarry and when i stop using anchors it stop, but to be sure or it i started a new server map.

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