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Miners and Filters


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I have a problem , i'm trying to add a way to retrieve the mining pipes from my miner airship whn it finish to mine so that the pipes will be automatically resent to the miner . I've put a filter that retrieve the diamond drill from the miner so the pipes start to pop out in the chest over the miner , then i've linked the filter to the same chest and i've putted another filter in contact of this chest and connected it to the miner to refill the miner with the missing drill and the pipes . I've also separated the 2 routes of pipes so they don't merge in a single route . But , and here comes the problem , when i try to refill the miner the filter won't work . It seems to not accept the miner as a valid inventory . Any idea ?

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uops , sorry for the bump .

yes i've tryed the sides , it doesn't work , i'll try the top ...

EDIT : it seems that only on the west-east sides and on the top a filter will pull in/out of the miner . I've also found that it will fill only the central slot of the miner ( the pipes slot ) and will not fill the drill slot with a drill . So i've to figure out how to make it work without filters :/

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