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Exporting/Importing blocks, structures and items


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Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your time.

I run a Tekkit Lite 0.5.2 server with a few friends. When the version changes, I like to keep up but I don't like to start everything from scratch every month or so.

Of course I could simply copy the world folder and place it on the new server, but that way we would miss out on any new blocks that would be generated with a new world.

Another option would be to use WorldEdit, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be compatitle with Tekkit Lite. I've tried it and it does copy some blocks, but not others. It also tends to crash with Java exceptions when pasting a schematic.

Is there any other way for me to move our structures, items and blocks within a certain area or areas to a newly generated world?

Thank you again!

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Update: I've now tried MCEdit as well - I exported some blocks and it seems to recognize most but not all blocks. For example, it switches my Blulectric Furnace and Bluletric Alloy Furnace to Industrial TNT. However, and strangely, if I place these blocks inside a chest, they are correctly exported/imported into the new world.

If anyone faced and overcame a similar problem, some help would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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MCEdit doesn't work with the Forge 4096 ID fix. You'll have to wait until it does or just cheat the items in.

You could deconstruct your base, put everything in Ender Chests and copy the Ender Chest data over from your old world to your new world.

Perhaps you can even use a BuildCraft Architect Table to copy your base, put the Blueprint in an Ender Chest and copy the Enderstorage data over from your old to your new world. You can then put the Blueprint in a Builder and it will start building once supplied with power.

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Teraku, there are some great suggestions there, thank you!

Apparently with WorldEdit and MCEdit, items inside chests are copied correctly (even some that are not copied if placed), but not all of them. I'll try with the Ender Chests.

The BuildCraft combinations sounds awesome. I actually have never tried using those, but it would be great it works. I'll let you know when I manage to get some time to try it out.

A bit off-topic, but how does everyone do when new versions arrive? You always start over fresh or are there any other tricks I'm missing?

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Depends. In most minor updates, people carry on as usual. But for some larger updates, people use mIDas gold to convert certain item ID's into others. Or they start over.

Also, when trying the Ender Chest method, make sure you copy over the actual EnderStorage folder in Windows from the old to the new world. Not use MCEdit or WorldEdit to copy the Ender Chests over.

The fact that items are stored independently from the world itself is what makes the Ender Chest method work. So treat it as independent from the world, and just copy the EnderStorage folder over.

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I didn't know about mIDas, but from I read, it simply changes blocks' ID's, to make them compatible with newer versions, correct? That wouldn't solve the problem of newly added ores or natural structures, as it would convert the old world "as is", without the new entities.

Yes, when I try the Ender Chests method, I'll copy the folder completly and replace it on the new world folder.

Thanks again for your time.

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