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PandaCraftUK Tekkit Lite Server, Plugins!, PvP/PvE, 20 Slots, No Whitelist!


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[Thread under construction but for now you can play if you want!]


Why i started the server: The server at the minute has no staff (no i'm not looking yet before you ask), well basically i was sick of going on Tekkit lite servers hosted from people on their home pc's (not that there is anything wrong with that) but generally after about 2-3 days they would get bored or sick of it and just close the server or they wouldn't administrate it enough so i have made this server to combat those annoying scenarios as well as give myself a world to build in that wont be a waste of my time and end in 2 days, i am for 99% uptime but we have to accept that sometimes there are problems with computers and networks. I hope this will encourage you to come and play on my server while i make a good post.


No swearing

No griefing

No bullying

No asking for stuff or permission

maybe features i will add:

(faction PvP if in demand)

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Sorry Corbeneck and Nine the reson i made a new world is because when i first started the server MYSTcraft was enabled and it made another world which caused a whole heap of problems with performance, and plugins i reset the world and will some what compensate you both im going back to the old permissions as i have no experience with Forge Essentials and its just making no sense and is way more complex than it needs to be

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Thread locked until the OP is updated to server post requirements. Please PM a mod or report the thread to request that the title be updated with the version number, after the needed changes are made.

Edit: New thread posted because OP couldn't be updated while thread was locked. This thread will remain locked and become a new historical document. New thread here.

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