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Server Credit Card Currency


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Hi, I was looking around on the internet for a currency system to propose to the owner of a tekkit lte server I play on. I stumbled across this page on the tekkit wiki that had currency ideas. I noticed there was a Credit Card idea that used Floppy Disks and RP2 or IC2 computers. I was just wondering if anyone had ever seen anything like this? Also, is their anyone who could put together a set of instructions on how to set this up? I would give them full credit for making the system.

Thanks, DJ

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Give me a moment to think...

Ok, so what you want essentially is a way to store, withdraw, and directly use your money in a secure, yet easy, manner. Here are a few ideas off the top of my head.

1. The mod - I will be using ComputerCraft in my ideas. You can accomplish the same functionality with Redpower, but using such a low level language as FORTH, while it does give you added power, also needlessly complicates the set-up. Keep It Simple Stupid.

2. The Credit Card - The floppy disks in computer craft have no security that I know of. For this to work, the floppy must contain some form of personal key unique to each user. However, there is nothing stoping users from plopping a card in a disk drive, reading the Key, and making infinite copies both for personal use, but also for malicious intent. So, what can we do? Well it's simple, do not store the plane text password on the floppy disc.

3. Encription - It's silly to use a complex encryption algorithm for minecraft money, but if you feel up for the challenge then go for it. What you can do is use a simple letter transposition. Every month, pick a number between 1 and 36 (26 letters plus 10 numbers (0-9)) and shift the alphabet over by that amount. So if you picked 4, 'a' becomes 'e', 'r' becomes 'v', and 'y' becomes '2'. '8' wraps around and becomes 'c'. The strength of this system comes from a concept known as "Secutiy through obscurity". This is generally frowned upon in the world of information security, for the precise reason that once someone figures out your mechanics, they can easily guess the shift number and the system is compromised. When a user creates their password, store their password and random shift number on a secure computer, then print the shifted password to their Credit Card for easy use later. When they plop in their card, read the shifted pass, and the name of the card. Ask the central database to use the shift number corresponding to that card's name (player name) to return the password. If they match, then the user has access to his/her funds.

Reading back through this, I can tell I didn't do a superb job of explaining things. I have to go to class now, but I'll try to expand this later today.

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He'd have to encrypt it, or it would be easily exploitable. The user could copy or modify the value.

The only way I could see this as working is basically giving every user a floppy disk with only his own name stored in it, and have all buy/sell computers linked to one mainframe using RedNet. That hidden mainframe will then store everyone's "credit".

Or you could just use Industrial Credits and Trade/Energy-o-mats.

Also, don't sign your posts.

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I'd just put a program to send the ID through rednet on the credit card. If you make it complex enough, it would require someone to have access to the card for it to be duplicated. If someone kept their card on them, they would have to be killed for it to be taken.

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