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[0.5.7] RiffRaffSyndicate [PVE] [40 Slots] [Greylist][Towny, Forestry, Twilightforest, Glizer]


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Updated the server.

Version 0.5 - Beesarus - 23-02-2013

- Added Extrabees

- Updated IC2 to latest

- Updated Buildcraft to latest

- Updated Modulair power suits to latest

- Updated Thermal expansion to latest

- Added Core mod for thermal expansion

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In game name:sorasheartless


Time playing Tekkit-lite:Not too long.

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out) Yes and no. A glitchy auto-kick practically banned me by kicking me as soon as i get on the server because of fly hack. I dont hack.

Why would you like to play on this server:I never grief ,and It sounds just completely awesome. It would be nice to make new friends. I would love to join.

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IGN: billytrevor

Age: 14

Time Playing Tekkit Lite: sense it came out

Have you been banned: Never

why would you like to join: me and my friend cant make a server because our internets cant portfoward so we looked for servers and we liked this one and now we want to join :)

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In game name: Drewbrando

Age: 22

Time playing Tekkit-lite: A few months ago I started tekkit classic, tekkit lite however, just found out about it 1 week ago.

Have you been banned: I don't remember ever being banned for any reason.

Why would you like to play on this server: Because I like tekkit, I'm fairly new to it. I want to learn more about it while playing with others, since that's how I get into things. Also, you guys have forestry, even though I know nothing about the mod yet. I simply cannot live without it, I want to have bees and be a botanist and stuff. I don't know where to start, but hopefully with others around i should be able to. btw I really like Twilight forest, I want to have a solar panel farm there.

Most of the reason why i shy away from tekkit servers in the past was the fact that most of them had too many banned items. You guys seem to have not banned anything that ruins the tekkit experience. I can live without turtles and boreheads.

Anyway, wall of text , I know. Please add me.

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I need some more detailed help on installing the extra mods needed for the server please.

Oh dude it's easy.

Do this.

1. go in %appdata% delete your tekkit

2. reopen tekkit launcher and before you choose tekkit lite click in "option" next to user name.

There you will see "custom zip" or w.e, jsut copy this link http://download.riffraffsyndicate.com/mods.zip in there. Click ok, then choose tekkitlite from lsit and log in wiht username and pass.

And there you go, the launcher downloads tekkit lite and the server mods.

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Please Note, All application processing has moved to our own forum.

I will only update this topic with server updates and will not process any applications posted here.

If you are to lazy to reread the first opening post:


I have to quote my own post.... really....

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In game name: billytrevor

Age: 14

Time playing Tekkit-lite: Sence Tekkit lite has been able to play

Have you been banned: No i have never been banned

Why would you like to play on this server: Because no other server is clean of greifers and it would seem like this is the only one and i know your switching apply over but i just posted on and you never answered so hopefully this will be the last one. and you dont have only 2 or more banned items and i like that so im hoping i will get accepted on this server.

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I have not seen your username/forum name on our forum thus your claim is invalid.

Still i checked your account and its accepted.

Dont post a application here! go to our forums and post it there! (just registering is NOT APPLYING)

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Application for Striker of life posted by raven

In game name: striker_of_life

Age: 25

Time playing Tekkit-lite: a month

Have you been banned: no

Why would you like to play on this server: To play with my friend Seb995

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