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[1.4.7]yooMx Pack[PvA][40 slots][Open][24/7]

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Tired of boring servers? Want something more fun? Then yooMx is for you. Best mods put into an amazing modpack can make your gameplay better than ever. Simply download it , you won't regret. Drive a car to a friend's house , fly a plane , or simply make a boat and drive in one of the best servers.


  1. Griefing is not allowed , but make sure you protect as we are unable to rollback.
  2. Hacking is not and will never be allowed. Trust me , we can check.
  3. Never be racist , never swear to people.
  4. Don't ask for op/items. You won't get it.


We are a community of nice people , that love to build and to play the game normally , without cheating. We always like having new people on the server! :)

Cool stuff:

We have protections , and more commands. Protection can be done with "/chunk" command , and we have commands that you`ll love , such as "/spawn" , "/sethome" and more!


Q:I try to login but it says "FML not found"!

A:You must download the modpack.

Q:Where do I download the modpack?

A:Almost at the end of the post.

Q:Can I have op? I will be good and I will take care of griefers and hackers!\


Q:Does this have [insert mod name here]?

A:Check down on the list.

Q:It says that I don't have [insert mod name here] installed , but I downloaded the modpack x weeks ago! (this won't happen for technic launcher users)

A:Redownload it. Updates come once a month.

Q:Can I invite my friends?



Donations will always be respected. If you donated , tell us in-game for a sweet gift! Donate at http://yoomx.co.uk :)

Mod list:

Optifine (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-147-optifine-hd-b6-fps-boost-hd-textures-aa-af-and-much-more/)

Not Enough Items (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/909223-145146-smp-chickenbones-mods/)

Jammy Furniture Mod (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1098808-v40-146147-forge-smp-jammy-furniture-mod/)

ComputerCraft (http://www.computercraft.info/)

Mo`Creatures (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/81771-147-mo-creatures-v451-with-elephants-mammoths-komodo-dragons-more-ostriches-better-jellyfish-more-fairy-horses/)

Flan's Mod (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/182918-147flans-mod-planes-vehicles-guns-multiplayer-tdm-conquest/)

Yoomx's Currency Mod (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1659408-wip-147-sspsmp-yoomxs-currency-mod/)

Server operators:

Want the amazingness of yoomxPack on your server too? then simply contact us!

Our email is UDhR.jpeg , send us a mail and then we'll ask you some questions.

Server IP:



Custom pack URL: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/ir2uxth5rwl1d14/yoomxpack.zip?dl=1



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it is possible your not using the right version of the mod pack (*if there are diff versions). if not im not sure what else to say :I also GIVE THE link for the mod pack in something that the custom pack adder can read. because for the people who cant download crap, cant play on your server. im going to apologise. im raging at a website for not sending the account activation email.. even after changed emails and clicked the resend email button 8-10 times. so if im bringing any anger from that here, please accept my apologie.

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