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Largest Logistics Pipes Network


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I'm just curious what other folks have built.

Myself, and a few friends just got done re-building our crafting network and ended up with a RoutingTableSize of 825

We are close to about 512 crafting tables (about 1/2 populated so far), 128 of those have Satellite pipes hanging off of the back.

69 machines (macerators, furnaces, etc)

and a bunch of machines handling automation (farming, trees, animals, etc)

All of this is tied together with a phased transport pipe array, of 25 phased transport pipes.

We're using the Black Hole chest for storage, Requestor Mk2, and Remote Requestors + Ender Pouches to top everything off.

Even have a charging bench in the network to keep them jetpacks topped off.

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We have expanded this setup to include Auto crafting table Mk2 (Which doesn't need a satellite pipe, AND it can use the multi-use items, such as the saw or minium stone!)

We're up to a RoutingTableSize of 1033

After switching out the big hitters (Macerators, mostly) with crafting MK3 pipes we've eliminated all but the initial request lag.

We still have a HUGE problem when it comes to making any change to the LP network, it takes upwards of a minute for the server to return to normal after we make any change. Does anyone have any tips on tweaking the server, or the LP network for performance? We don't have any long runs of basic pipe, all of our LP blocks are either crafting, chassis, suppliers, or providers. There are a few basics thrown in there between stone pipe runs for anything that needs distance. We use phased transport pipes to help close the distance gap between each bank of machines.

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