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Windows 8 blah blah fullscreen lagg blah blah


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I originally posted this on overclock.net, but they haven't answered in a day so I'm trying my luck here to see if anyone can help me with this!


So, I just recently upgraded my Win7 to Win8 (both 64-bit) *applause*

I can't express well enough how pleased I am that they did NOT **** it up... *looks at Vista*

Now, I am a big fan of fullscreen-gaming on one monitor while watching series, movies or just use my second monitor in general while playing on the other one.

This worked without fail in Windows 7 as I've done this for the past two years or so.

However, this seems to not be viable anymore with my Win8 after I updated both my OS and my drivers from NVidia. When I fullscreen a game on monitor 1, my WHOLE second monitor laggs badly (except for the mouse). Everything from the start-menu, my web browser, quite literally everything laggs except my cursor.

As you may understand, this is an annoyance for me and I would like to assault the problem and kill it with fire.

My specs are as follows;

i7 2600k OC'd to 4.2 GHz


8 GB RAM running at 1333 MHz

Windows 8 pro 64-bit

Again, I did not have this problem on Win7 with the exact same specs. It worked before. Now it doesn't.

Good luck in figuring this out, cuz I sure as hell can't! :D

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there's a setting in nvidia's control panel called "multi display/mixed-GPU acceleration", try setting it to "multiple display performance mode". I have no idea if that will actually do anything, but it sounds like it might matter for your situation.

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Thanks for the answer, but it's sadly already set to that in Global Settings.

I finally got an answer over at Overclock too, and they say it's a problem with Windows 8 probably which makes me a sad panda/pony. I think it's most likely a lost cause, but if anybody (or you, Freakachu) have any other suggestions I will gladly try them out. :)

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In my experience, Windows 8 is not actually the horrible crappy OS everyone makes it out to be. The metro UI just has a really steep learning curve. I have learned both, and I still prefer 7 by miles, but as far as the UI goes, 8 is really not that horrible. Just different. As for compatibility and tweak-ability… yes, it does have issues.

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So, this isn't really a "fix", but it's some kind of workaround.

First, http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2675769

This guy has made something great. Download that small file, run it and follow his instructions. CONGRATZ.

With this program I was able to run Skyrim, Hitman, Metro, Dead Space 2, Euro Truck Sim 2 (DON'T JUDGE ME), RAGE - pretty much everything in Bordered Window-mode without any problem.

And people who said it's a problem with WIndows 8, you are completely correct. Windows 8 basically caps the framerate of windows and programs running in the background - and running a fullscreen game will automatically do just that... Put everything else as background.

However, this is a fix until Microsoft eventually (hopefully) fixes this small screw-up. Happy gaming weekend, guys!

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